Original Pork 

Sriracha Beef

Organic Chicken



Classic Boba Milk Tea

Honey Green Tea

Honey Hibiscus

Matcha Almond Milk


Tofu and Vegetables

Gluten free

Vegan option

Find us.

Sundays: Mar Vista Farmers Market 9-2

Tuesdays: Culver City Farmers Market 2-7

These are the flavors I grew up with.

For six years, we’ve been making and offering hand-wrapped, Chinese dumplings, noodles, and boba teas at Los Angeles farmers markets and special events.

Our current menu includes four kinds of dumplings: original pork, organic chicken, sriracha grass-fed beef, and vegan.

Our sesame cold noodles could be considered a noodle salad, complete with tofu and vegetables. It is vegan, with a gluten-free option.

Our boba drinks are all real-brewed, quality teas. We do not use any instant mixes or powders.

- Jessica Chuang   jessica@kaikaidumplings.com